Turn Your Customers into
Enthusiastic Members...
...with your custom NFT-Membership System.

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We provide You with Everything You need...

...to make Your Idea a Reality.

Fully Customizable to fit Your Needs.

Your Ticket to Infinite Opportunities...

Eden Spa Member Pass NFT
Golf Gold Member Pass NFT
Platinum Society Member Pass NFT
KD Gold Member Pass NFT
KD Diamond Member Pass NFT
Yacht Member Pass NFT
Highlands Club Member Pass NFT
Yacht Gold Member Pass NFT
Eclipse Entertainment Member Pass NFT
KD Silver Member Pass NFT
Key2 Gold Member Pass NFT
How it works...
Buying an NFT-Membership
"As easy as ordering a pizza"
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Acquire and claim your NFT membership into your wallet in under a minute. Our streamlined process ensures instant access to exclusive perks and offerings.
Entrance Check
"Fast and secure"
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Our efficient entrance check system validates your NFT membership, granting seamless access to exclusive events. Experience convenience and security at every step.
Exchange your Loyalty Points
"Effortless, easy and secure"
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Use your NFTs not only as proof of membership, but also exchange your Loyalty Points for drinks, services, etc. at events. Our integrated payment solution makes transactions secure and uncomplicated.
Web3 Login
"Scan to Login"
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Experience the ease of our web³ login. Forget complex passwords and email verifications. Forget browser extensions. Just a quick scan with your app, and you are securely logged in.


The fast transaction speeds seen in these videos are only possbile on the Solana blockchain.

If You want to see Our Product in Action...
...here is one Project we realized
Website KEY2
Our Promises to You...


Since this system is already developed, we can provide you with a personalized version in a matter of weeks!



The Metal and PVC-Cards we are offering both have built-in crypto chips that are also used in passports and ID-Cards.

No data leaks

No data leaks

In our system we don’t save and don’t need any personal data. That means that passwords and data leaks are impossible.



We can adjust our system to your personal needs. Whatever design you want, we can realize it.


High quality

As subsidiary of the traditional german company, KURZ, we have the experience and the commitment to ensure the highest quality.



Each component of the system has undergone rigorous testing and is ready for deployment.

Get to know us...
If you would like to learn more about our custom NFT membership system and how we can support you in the implementation and planning of your projects, simply send us an email or give us a call. Or visit us directly at our booth.
Andreas Wolff
Andreas Wolff
Business Development